Betfair exits South Africa

With regulatory tangles ongoing in many territories Betfair has hit another bump in South Africa. This is a real shame as South Africa is on the same time zone as the UK. Betfair has already sent out emails to affected customers. Here is an extract of the key elements of the email: –

“We’re writing to inform you that following the recent ruling by the South African Supreme Court of Appeal, Betfair has decided that as of 00:01 GMT on February 14th 2012, its website and all associated products will no longer be accessible in South Africa, or to South African residents.

As of the above time, all existing accounts will be suspended, therefore we ask that you ensure that all funds are withdrawn from your account before then. If your account is currently suspended the issues relating to that suspension must be resolved before any withdrawals can be made”

It’s another to add to the long list of complex, messy, regulatory, most likely protectionist, issues. Currently the number of territories where it’s OK to use Betfair is in the minority and the list is getting smaller. While the US is looking more positive recently, it’s likely that will only be a beachhead in a much longer battle. Till then other territories, even in Europe, are proving a prickly problem. It seems the anti-exchange proponents are currently winning their argument.

Ultimately I believe that the will of people will decided the very long term outcome of these sorts of things and it’s difficult to go against the value proposition that exchanges offer over traditional gambling. So if you want to benefit from that, move to the UK!

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How To Eliminate Sports Gambling Risks With Arbitrage Betting

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Betting or gambling has been such a favorite pastime of many people. Since ancient times people have been casting lots or setting their bets in various events especially in sports. From the gladiator duels in ancient Rome to the bullfights in Spain, people love the thrill of betting. The problem is, betting is teeming with risks. People waste large sums of money when they lose while betting, some even ruin their lives because of mismanaged gambling. People however love winning and would exert all efforts to profit from their bets. Luckily, clever people discovered a solution to earn from betting without facing the dreaded risks. This solution comes in the form of arbitrage betting, which is now popularly being used in sports gambling.

What is Arbitrage all about?

The term arbitrage refers to the method of trading that ensures profits while eliminating risks. Though arbitrage has been used by people since time immemorial, it has lately become quite popular with the stock market. Arbitrage entails using certain small opportunities to profit during trade. At a first glance, the transactions being used seem to provide very insignificant profits, but when done on a larger scale, the profit becomes quite substantial, and even lucrative. In the world of finance, arbitrage is done by purchasing stocks on one particular market and immediately selling what is purchased to another market that provides an opportunity for profit of whatever size.

For example, shares of a certain company are being sold for $9.00 in the New York Stock exchange. Meanwhile in the London Stock exchange it is being sold for only $8.50. This is an arbitrage opportunity, or an arb. A trader, who practices arbitrage, or an arbitrageur, would purchase the London Stock Exchange shares and then sell the same amount on the New York Stock exchange. This would entail a 50-cent profit for every share. While this seems to be a miniscule amount, it can translate into a huge sum when shares are traded in large quantities.

How can Arbitrage be Applied to Sports Betting?

In the sports betting world, arbitrage can be employed by taking into consideration the differences present in bookmakers? odds. Profit is made certain by making bets on each option in the sports event that would entail profits for the arbitrageur whoever would win. Arbitrageur would comb through the different odds presented by bookmakers on each participant of the sports event, and bet on each one. Whatever is the result of the event, a profit is guaranteed. Just like with its finance counterpart, sport arbitrage is done is large volumes to provide substantial profits, taking full advantage of the arbs, also known as overbrokes, underrounds, and surebets.

For example, on a certain football match, Team A has odds of 11/8 with Bookmaker A. Meanwhile Team B has odds of 4/5 with Bookmaker B. Taking the difference between the two bookmakers translates into a profit of around 2.4%. An arbitrageur would place bets in proportion with the odds. For example, $1000 would be invested in this arb. The amount would be divided according to the proportion of the odds so that around $431 would be placed on Team A, and then around $569 would be placed on Team B. If Team A wins, the arbitrageur would get around $1023.63, and if Team A wins, the arbitrageur would get $1024.20. This means that the particular arb would entail a profit around $23 to $24, if an investment of $1000 is made.

Such scenarios are what many investors have been trying out today, yielding favorable results. With sports arbitrage betting, profits are ensured without risks of losing.

To learn more about sports arbitrage betting, there are several websites devoted to this betting technique. A simple search on sports arbitrage betting on a leading search engine would lead one to a vast sea of information about the betting process.

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Internet Football Betting
Internet football betting, of both the American and traditional varieties, remains the most popular sports bet on the planet. While some bookmakers choose to focus on ponies, tennis or some other niche venture, the biggest and most profitable books all center around football. The different levels of the game, the amateur and professional varieties of American style and the sheer number of teams makes internet football betting the punters sport of choice.

Even in the tight economic times currently being endured, football betting remains popular. Although reports are in that bookmakers may not be recession proof, the solid strength of the discretionary punter has not abated. The most common bets remain £10 and under bets on football match ups.

The volumes are massive. Betting exchanges devote entire servers to just keeping up with the teams, and tipster services spring up every week promising more and deeper insights. Literally everywhere one turns there is some other service just begging to support the punter in hiss internet football betting habit. Tips, tricks, promotions and bonuses are all thrown out to the masses as the various booking agencies compete for the millions of bets placed each week.

The rise of the online and international bookmakers have contributed to this trend. It is now possible to lay a wager on any football team you like, even if they are a no-name Scandinavian bunch and it is three am on a Tuesday. Those with a passion for sports investing will find that the avenues available for pursuit would take a lifetime to explore.

The technology helps with this aspect as well. Specialized software allows you to track sports of interest and get an aggregate report delivered to your inbox. Mobile phone updates are also available. Even if you haven’t got more than five minutes a day to devote to your habit between the demands of work and family, you can still get well-researched information at your fingertips by customizing your reports and newfeeds.

Best Bookmakers View all bookies Bookie Rating Free Bet Bet365
£200 Paddy Power
£50 William Hill
£25 Truly, there has never been a time like the present for internet football betting. There are more opportunities for creative betting and arbitrage, as well as opportunities in international markets that have not been offered before. With odds available now for every team under the sun on both sides of the pond and down under, a punter with any interest at all can easily join the masses in enjoy the thrills of sports investing.