Betting on the Under-Over 2.5 Goals Market in Soccer
By Phil Renshaw

Sportspunter Arb Service The Arb Service of Choice For Professional ArbersIn recent years, a new soccer betting market has evolved. The under/over 2.5 goals market has become increasingly popular among sports betting enthusiasts and soccer fans. This kind of soccer betting allows punters to try predicting whether or not there will be less than 2.5 goals scored in a match or more than that figure.

Newcomers to soccer betting can be confused by the 2.5 figure after all it is not possible to score this number of goals in a match. The 2.5 figure is just an imaginary one that sits in between the 2 goal and 3 goal marks allowing bettors to bet on both scenarios.

The reason this market has become so popular is that people find it easier to predict how many goals will be scored in a match rather than the eventual result. For example, in a match featuring two very low scoring teams the likelihood is that this trend would continue and goals would be scarce. In contrast games that feature two free scoring teams would be far more likely to see more than 2 goals scored.

If you can spot a team that is consistently involved in games which feature less than 2.5 goals, it is possible to enjoy a high success rate with this form of soccer betting. There have been many examples of outstanding teams who win most of their matches yet still be involved in low scoring encounters.

Finding a team who is a good bet for the under/over 2.5 goals markets is not just about how many goals they score. The defensive aspect is equally important because how many goals a team concedes also plays a large part in whether or not they are regularly involved in low scoring matches.

Because of the popularity of this market, there is now a range of similar ones with the line being set at 1.5 goals, 3.5 goals and even 4.5 goals although they are yet to become as popular as the 2.5 goals market.

In terms of odds these markets provide significant value compared to other soccer markets. If you have a good knowledge of the sport or can carry out some research then betting on the under/over 2.5 goals, market in soccer can be a very profitable activity.

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